Lunker of the Year 2014
Largemouth Bass - LEADERS

Morici Brothers LMBOY Leaders

Frank Morici & Rick Morici - 5.89

Lunker of the Year 2014
Smallmouth Bass LEADERS

Trongone & Meidisner - SMB Leaders

Mark Trongone & Robbie Meidisner- 4.58

Big Bass Association was started in 2003 by two friends, Rich Donnelly and Vinnie Pier. They wanted to share the sport of bass fishing in a fun, but competitive way.

We are a buddy club, but you can fish alone if you wish. We hold 10 tournaments a year, 8 point tournaments plus an open and a club classic at the end of the season.

We fish lakes and reservoirs in North and Central Jersey. We carry between 40-60 members per year and average 15 boats per tournament.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Email mconcato@ramapo.edu

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Sunday September 6th

2014 Reservoir Dawgs

Topographic Maps
AOY Leaders

Brian Grant & Bill Griffett - 42.72

Winners Spruce Run Reservoir

Brian Grant & Bill Griffett - 11.55
Dan DeCelles & Derik Gardella- 9.18
Kenny Plotts & Lance Harris - 8.46